Running PTC Windchill RV&S (formerly PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager) & Atlassian Jira Software instances and aiming for collaboration or integration of both tools?

➡️ Check out NANGA JII (1.1.1)! ⬅️
NANGA Jira Integrity Integration makes it possible to synchronize Windchill Items with Jira Issues according to predefined events and mappings bi-directionally.
➡️ Now compatible with Jira Software #DataCenter! ⬅️Example: During a test session in #Windchill #RV&S, a test case fails. Due to the failed test, Windchill RV&S creates a „Defect“ which automatically flows into Jira as a „Bug“. As soon as The Development Team has fixed the „Bug“ in #Jira, it will flow back into Windchill RV&S and will be displayed to the test team in the Windchill RV&S as a corrected „Bug“

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