NANGA SYSTEMS has the exclusive usage rights and acquired know-how to use PTC`s own framework, Performance Testing Framework (PTF), to perform automated testing against Windchill RV&S.

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Every solution from PTC Windchill RV&S is individually adapted to the needs of the customer, among other things processes and used fields are almost always different. However, after each process change or platform update, functionality and performance must be tested. On the market there are various purchasable solutions that can be adapted and used with some effort, but ultimately only provide functional tests and measure performance without any comparability to other PTC Windchill RV&S installations.

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PTC`s PTF is officially not a product, but it is a self-developed and self-used solution by PTC that can be used by NANGA SYSTEMS. PTF itself is free of charge. In addition to configurable automated functional tests, the framework delivers performance measurements comparable to other installations. It can also simulate many parallel user accesses and thus perform load tests that specify the speed of individual commands as well as the one of network and database. With the right conclusions based on the measurement results, you end up with an optimized solution that is also highly performant for many users.