Change management is an elementary part of (product) development and the central element of every further (product) development. Following an anonymized example of an implementation for a customer done by NANGA SYSTEMS.

Nanga Systems Problemstellung weiß


Our customer uses PTC Windchill PLM and Windchill RV&S for its (product) development. Both systems run independently, are not connected, and have different users. Change Requests (CRs) come from different areas (from marketing or sales to technology and support) and cover any area of (product) development. An integrated and user-friendly solution is urgently needed.

Nanga Systems Strategie


NANGA SYSTEMS has implemented a handshake solution for its customer. CRs can be created in both systems. They are evaluated according to the customer process and the CR may change the responsibility and thus the system. This is implemented by means of a web server solution, the data is copied from one system to the other and the respective addressed user continues to work there. Information changes (e.g. progress in work and status) are then synchronized back. Thus, the user never has to leave his working environment and always has the latest and therefore correct information thanks to real-time synchronization.