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At NANGA SYSTEMS, we see ourselves as an independent IT consulting company and maintain partnerships with tool vendors that offer solutions in the areas of project & portfolio management, task & change management, and collaboration.

Thanks to the many years of project experience of our IT experts, we are able not only to analyse, record, and evaluate your requirements, but also to compare the alternatives and, together with you, make the best possible solution and decision for your company.

Our portfolio includes solutions for classic project management and agile project management (e.g. Scrum, Kanban), and tools with which you can map and roll out the Scaled Agile Framework (e.g. SAFe, Less) in your company.


No matter which approach you follow and which framework you wish to adopt, our tool suites enable you to work according to the different project management standards.

Free consultation:

Free consultation:


Apptio Targetprocess is an enterprise agile planning tool that helps you establish a scaled agile framework (such as SAFe or Less) across your entire organisation and portfolio. The goal is to provide you with a platform to apply agile project management methods across your organisation.

From idea management, to visualising your strategic business goals and initiatives, to planning and prioritising your sprints and backlogs, all in one tool solution.

Manage your portfolio and products, create roadmaps, document and prioritise your stakeholders’ requirements, develop strategies to minimise your project risks and use agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban in a Scaled Agile Framework to implement and test your tasks.

Atlassian Jira is a web application for operational project management in which agile and collaborative approaches can be optimally mapped.

Create your own workflows, work together as a team, manage your projects and releases and measure your performance.

Atlassian Jira makes agile project management effortless. Create your own Kanban and Scrum boards, as well as dashboards and reports, to share a common view of the project and get a grip on your tasks and issues. Strengthen the trust of your employees in your processes, and ensure the smooth running of your projects and releases.

Smartsheet is a modern collaboration platform that allows you to easily document, manage, and accomplish your tasks and decisions. Its appearance is very similar to MS Excel and MS Project and allows you to map your complete portfolio and project management. Whether used for simple task lists, the planning of sprints or a classic project plan, Smartsheet offers the flexibility to adapt to any of your requirements. Workflows for process automation makes your daily work easier, while modern reporting, including dashboards on your live data and key project/portfolio metrics, provides the necessary transparency and consistency. In addition, there are easy collaboration options (e.g. MS Teams, Slack, Skype Business), integrations to common CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365), and interfaces with a range of other tools (e.g. Jira, ServiceNow).


➔ You want to learn more about the individual solutions and find out which tool could be the missing piece of the puzzle in your company?


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