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A great update from our partner PTC: with the interface between Codebeamer and Windchill, PTC is highlighting its commitment to enabling customers to create a digital thread throughout their enterprise.

PTC’s latest Codebeamer ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) product release provides seamless integration with Windchill PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) via the OSLC standard, enabling improved visibility across the entire digital development process.

This integration, enabled through the use of the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) standard, provides a comprehensive solution to quickly respond to changing requirements and capture, link, track and manage all requirements with full traceability from start to finish.

OLSC – the standard in digital product development

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an initiative to promote collaboration between ALM, PLM and Systems Engineering tools. OSLC is an open community that provides specifications and reference implementations for integrating tools from different vendors. The goal of OSLC is to facilitate data exchange between ALM, PLM, and systems engineering tools. This helps companies reduce manual effort and errors and improve the efficiency and integration of the various tools. OSLC provides services for linking, sharing and retrieving data from the tools, facilitating collaboration between the different tools. In addition, OSLC provides access control and authentication so that users can securely access the data they need. OSLC is a key component in creating a connected environment between ALM, PLM and systems engineering tools, helping companies streamline processes and improve collaboration.

Enabling the digital thread

PLM solutions like Windchill manage parts, models and documents, while ALM solutions like Codebeamer automate software development and delivery processes to increase productivity and ensure compliance. By working together, Codebeamer and Windchill enable software development teams, which typically follow agile methodologies, to take advantage of both lifecycle management systems to maximize efficiency.

The integration of Codebeamer and Windchill provides an end-to-end user experience with single sign-on, links visible in both directions, and automatic link detection after changes. With this integration, users can access both systems through a unified interface and have the ability to manage their teams and projects while keeping up with the changing needs of their projects and products.

In addition, by integrating these two powerful products, users can also take advantage of the different features each system has to offer. For example, Codebeamer’s advanced risk management and code review capabilities and Windchill’s powerful product data and lifecycle management capabilities enable users to gain better insight into their projects, better manage their product lifecycles, and ensure product compliance.

“With these two leading solutions now working seamlessly together, we are providing end-to-end support for the entire digital development process, for both hardware and software. This takes collaboration between different development teams to a new level and especially helps manufacturers of complex products to innovate faster and better.”

Christoph Bräuchle
Senior vice president and general manager of ALM at PTC

Overall, the integration of Codebeamer and Windchill provides users with a comprehensive end-to-end solution that significantly improves the visibility, control and traceability of their projects and products. By using the OSLC standard, this integration enables users to quickly respond to changing requirements and gain a decisive advantage through an end-to-end toolchain.

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