We are very excited about the upcoming TBM Conference, hosted by Apptio GmbH and the @TBMCouncil But what does TBM stand for? Not just since 2020, thousands of successful executives have relied on Technology Business Management (TBM) as their system for making trusted decisions, enabling new product-centric funding and value management models, and making cost-effective cloud migration and utilization decisions. TBM integrates business and technology leaders in their planning, financing and strategy execution. At TBM Conference 2021, you'll hear from many CIOs, CFOs and other executives on how TBM provides the command center for this complex new world so you can future-proof your...

NANGA CAD gets a new update and is now feature-complete! Are you rolling out user-defined scripts or applications to @PTC Windchill RV&S clients within your own network? With the Java-based NANGA CAD extension developed by NANGA SYSTEMS, all scripts can be managed on a central server. New features with Update V. 1.1.0 • Licensing implementation • “Can not connect to…” - You will encounter this error message less often in the future. From now on you have the possibility to configure a backup remote folder. This increases the availability. Get to know Version 1.1.0: 👉 https://hubs.li/H0RD76b0

Did you know? NANGA SYSTEMS currently has branches in 4 countries! The locations are in Stuttgart, Vienna, London and Kiev. Locally on site and always multilingual, we can thus optimally support our customers. We are your european partner for digital transformation!

When the merging of two or more locations is imminent the question of harmonising processes and tools arises. Read our use case to see how NANGA SYSTEMS can provide you with solutions: